A Reddit user recently asked a question about what would make Lafayette better?

That got me to thinking, which usually hurts my brain, so I stopped after only a short period because, as usual, Reddit responded.

ZazuPedals was sure to point out that was wasn't trying to troll or start a fight; he was sincerely looking for constructive conversation about our great city and ways Lafayette could improve so as to attract more people and industry.

Some of the responses included:

  • Fix the charter
  • Focus on renewable resources
  • Fix the school system
  • Fix the schools (physically)
  • Fix the roads
  • Have more of a nightlife
  • acquire a Trader Joe's
  • reduce regulations/taxes on new industry
  • more businesses and housing downtown
  • curing voter apathy

It's easy for us to "not notice" the bad things about Lafayette because this is our home, but to those who aren't from here, Lafayette could use a good sprucing-up.

I am proud of Lafayette for several reasons, including its (mostly) inclusive vibe, its food, festivals, and joie de vivre. My worry is that last one: maybe we are enjoying life a little too much to notice that we need improvement in some areas.

What would you do to make Lafayette better?

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