Well, we've been reminded.

After the recent flooding this past weekend I was reminded that we have a serious issue with litter in Acadiana.

Last week I posted a photo of a chicken box on the ground at a gas station and said that we have a problem with litter here. Well, after a recent downpour I was reminded of the severity of our problem.

While travelling through and around Lafayette Sunday, I noticed a LARGE amount of litter on the roads and in ditches after the rising water and it is beyond sad.

Dare I say, those that litter probably haven't even thought about drainage issues they are creating around here. On several drains and near most of the culverts, I saw cups, bottles, and even boxes impeding the water flow.

It is sad that it takes a flood to remind us how filthy some people are because they think it's still fine to dispose of their trash while travelling.

Look, we all know that we have an issue with drainage in Lafayette. But could part of the drainage issue have something to do with what people are throwing from their vehicle? I'd say so.

I encourage you to look around your community the next time water rises. Check out how much litter is in your community. It is sad.

To report littering you witness, call the Louisiana litter hotline at 1-800-LITRBUG.

We must do better.