A video of Julianne Hough undergoing an exorcism-style healing has gone viral.

The former Dancing With the Stars judge made headlines this week after doing a treatment in Switzerland called Network Spinal Analysis, which is a type chiropractic care that focuses on the nervous system.

In the truly bizarre video, Hough is seen lying on a table as a doctor, whose name is John Amaral, waves his hands over her body. She then contorts as she writhes, groans and shouts uncontrollably.

As this is happening, Dr. Amaral explains how the treatment affects the body's nervous system.

"There's always a huge dissipation of energy and a feeling of relief, release, freedom," he said. "Expression of emotion may happen when the system moves. When energy that was stored or bound up in the muscles begins to dissipate, and if we're really free to express and allow energy that we have in our bodies to move."

"This woman is like an incredible dancer, actress, just human being and she has practiced just allowing things to move through, but even with that, things get bound up," Dr. Amaral continued, before clarifying that "most people, especially in this environment, wouldn't make that sound."

You can watch a video Julianne Hough's energy cleaning, below:

After the treatment, Hough said she felt "so much more liberated on the inside that I can speak my truth clearly, stand in my power and not feel overtaken by emotion," adding that "My mind and I feel free inside myself to just be."

Still, the clip has left people with a lot of questions on Twitter.

Dr. Amaral will appear on Gwyneth Paltrow’s new Netflix series The Goop Lab, which will see Goop’s CCO Elise Loehnen undergo the same exorcism-style healing that Hough went through.

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