Apparently there is an official document with our proper name on it.

It's amazing what you find on the Internet these days, right? Everything from cat videos to DIY tips, and occasionally you can find something useful. Like official government documents to answer those pressing questions. Recently I stumbled across a tweet that featured a list of the proper names for residents in each state.

First off, I thought these names were made up by the residents themselves. Second off, I didn't know that every state had a name. Thanks, Internet.

I also know that sometimes the Internet can lie, so I found the list for myself on the US Government Publishing Office who, side note, also have their own Twitter account. The list can be found on page 109 of this extremely long document. You're welcome for scanning through all of those pages.

It says that a resident of Louisiana will be called a "Louisianian." Kind of a mouthful, huh? However, now you can move forward with confidence knowing our proper name.

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