This is a question that has been around for years. When are kids able to be left at home by themselves? Many parents these days face this dilemma more than anything because of their work schedules and other obligations that sometimes don't permit them much choice.

The National SAFE KIDS Campaign recommends that adults not leave children at home alone before the age of 12. However, Louisiana does have a set age that 10 years old is old enough to leave a child alone.

Regardless of what the law says or even what experts think about the issue. It is best to know your children and decide for yourself what works best for your children. If you do feel like your child is mature enough at 10 years old to stay by themselves. You may want to ease into it by maybe leaving them for an hour or two just to get you and them both comfortable with your decision.

We all know that life happens, but you don't want to make a decision that could be detrimental to you or your children's well-being. Visit Safe Kids.Org for more details on how to keep your kids safe.

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