"McDonald's Sprite hits different".

That idea is now considered a global truth. But what does the fast-food chain do to make their Sprite taste spicy, sparkly, zippy, or simply different? It is finally time we get an answer.

New York City Board Of Health Approves Bloomberg's Over Sized Sugary Drink Ban
Mario Tama

The people need to know - what exactly is in McDonald's Sprite?

Let the investigation begin.

What is in McDonald's Sprite?

For decades, hungry people around the world have consumed their favorite McDonald's meals with an ice cold Sprite to drink. But, there is just something about drinking a Sprite from McDonald's specifically that feels different from when you consume the beverage from any other restaurant. It even tastes different than when it comes from a can or bottle of Sprite!

New York City Board Of Health Approves Bloomberg's Over Sized Sugary Drink Ban
Mario Tama

Is it the carbonation from the machine at McDonald's? Is it the cup? The ice?

The theories as to what exactly makes McDonald's Sprite hit different vary, but the fast-food chain has recognized that their lemon-lime flavored beverage has a global impact.

And while McDonald's Sprite may not be solely responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs, the contents of the drink has certainly been rattling folks on social media for quite some time.

While I doubt anything in the drink can compare to industrial acid, hard liquor, or gasoline, there is definitely something going on inside of that cup. So I just had to find out - what exactly do they put in McDonald's Sprite to give it that extra zip that you cannot get from anywhere else?

Bloomberg Moves To Ban Sugary Drinks In NYC Restaurants And Movie Theaters
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According to Newsweek, the crew at the fast food chain does, "add a little McDonald's magic", to each Sprite they serve. What exactly is the magic? Check out what one McDonald's spokesperson told the outlet.

McDonald's Water is Filtered and Pre-Chilled

The spokesperson for McDonald's told Newsweek that they filter and pre-chill all of the water and Sprite syrup before it goes into the drink fountain. This brings me to the next point.

McDonald's Sprite-Syrup Ratio

The fast-food chain reportedly utilizes the ratio of Sprite-syrup to water in such a way that accounts for melted ice inside of the cup. But to prevent that ice from melting right away, we have our next point as to why McDonald's Sprite hits different.

New York City Board Of Health Approves Bloomberg's Over Sized Sugary Drink Ban
Mario Tama

McDonald's Fountain Beverage System

The company reportedly makes sure that their fountain beverage system stays cold so that its drinks are always as chilled and refreshing as possible. Onto the last, and possibly least the least surprising point.

McDonald's Straws

The report says that McDonald's straws have a slightly wider mouth than a typical straw. This means that more of the drink can hit your tastebuds at once, creating a quick blast of flavor.

It seems that the people were right - there is an explanation for why McDonald's Sprite hits different after all. The combination of the drink machine, the ratio of syrup to water used, plus the straw all contribute to that zippy, spicy, and culture-rattling McDonald's Sprite.

McDonald's Same Store Sales Up 7.1 Percent In January
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Thankfully for everyone who loves the Sprite from McDonald's, there are no signs of the drink leaving the restaurant's menu any time soon. I can't say the same for these items that are, unfortunately, no longer on the menu at McDonald's.

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