This is not the time when bad things need to be made worse. Especially, if there is a way to prevent the "worse" from happening. For many residents of South Louisiana, the pandemic has been a major blow to the family cash flow. Families have had to make tough decisions concerning what bills get paid and what bills get delayed.

Some residents of the Town of Welsh are among those who have had to make choice between buying food for their families or keeping the lights and power on. The Town of Welsh did waive fees for its residents, as far as utility bills are concerned, from March 20th to April 13th.

However, as the pandemic has lingered that waiver appears to have expired. Some Welsh residents are not only reporting that their power has been disconnected but an additional $100 delinquency fee has been added.

Mayor Carolyn Louviere of Welsh spoke with Drew Marine of KPLC television. In the report that Marine posted on the TV station website, Mayor Louviere explained that town officials are doing what they can to be empathetic to the plight of those caught in these tough financial times.

If they’re having a difficult time with paying and that, they can come in and they can sign an extension. Once they sign that extension and if they need us to help them work out a payment plan, we can do that.

That seems to be about as fair of a plan as a municipality can make for its residents. The number to Welsh City Hall is 337-734-2231. It sure sounds as if town officials don't want anyone to go without utility service during this pandemic.


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