A wedding is supposed to be a happy day, but this was the exact opposite for one bride who had to postpone her wedding so she could receive cancer treatments.

"Unfortunately, we've had to postpone our wedding. I've been diagnosed with cancer and I'm starting treatment two weeks before the wedding," the bride wrote in a post taken from a Facebook screenshot and shared under "rude guests" in a viral Reddit thread.

"We've received a lot of support and understanding, but unfortunately, some people want us to reimburse them for canceled flights. How do I handle this situation? Am I in the wrong for saying no?" she continued.

OP [original poster] later shared an update on the thread explaining they originally discovered the post in a Facebook group for Australian brides.

The Reddit user also included an update from the bride's Facebook post, under which commenters asked the bride if the guests knew she was ill before asking for refunds.

"Once everything was confirmed my mum and maid of honor sent out a group Facebook message to all our guests explaining it all," the bride shared on Facebook. "It's been private messages from a few people asking if it's possible for the flight refunds."

The Reddit user added: "So it's worst because they know exactly why it's canceled and still asked for reimbursements. Maybe be a good friend and fly to see your friend who has cancer."

Responses to the Reddit thread were in favor of the bride. Some users noted that her loved ones should be visiting her regardless, or could use their plane tickets for a vacation instead.

"If it’s in her city, they can go to support her. If not, they can just visit that city," one user wrote. "Their fault for not buying travel insurance. I hope this girl has a painless recovery and a wedding she can enjoy with people who care about her later."

Perhaps the people requesting flight reimbursements while she's undergoing cancer treatments won't be invited to the wedding when it's back on.

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