What was once a beautiful ceremony with family and friends for the marriage of a happy couple, turned into a real life wedding crasher scenario when a woman stopped the ceremony to address 'Anthony'.

When I first saw this video on Twitter, I thought it had to be staged. Just see for yourself, as it was posted by @rahm3sh

The video starts with the wedding official proceeding with what looks to be a very nice ceremony, that then quickly turned into a living nightmare for everyone present... especially 'Anthony'.

I am going to break this video down play-by-play style for everyone, because this wild situation deserves a proper analysis.

Through the first ten seconds of the video, everything seems perfectly normal. The bride and groom are standing in front of the wedding officiate along with their wedding party and everything seems to be going quite nicely.

And then comes the first, "Really, Anthony?!".

Oh no. What is that? Some little bird up in the trees? Maybe a passerby talking on the phone to someone named Anthony? What if Anthony is just a kid who dropped his ice cream cone? Maybe Anthony forgot to turn off the oven?

And then comes the second, "rEaLlY aNtHoNy?!?!".

Wedding Crasher5

Jaws begin to drop in the bridal party. Attendees' gasps get even louder. Everyone starts to realize that this call out is calculated and directed at one person in particular; Anthony.

This has now turned into a situation that no couple ever expects on their big day. This is when the entire congregation knew there was a problem. You can hear a collective, "Oh my..." from everyone at the ceremony. A couple of necks snap to get a look at who exactly is shouting at Anthony.

Now with limited information and only the video to go off of, you have to believe that Anthony is the groom. And boy oh boy, is Anthony in a pickle.

The woman who is shouting at Anthony continues to go on as the wedding party does, what I think is, an incredible job of trying to ignore the shouting and proceed with the ceremony.

"You gonna really act like you don't know me? What you didn't take your psych meds today?!", the apparent woman is yelling from the back of the congregation.

The wedding party holds strong for a few more seconds, but the woman gives one last effort to get Anthony's attention shouting, "ANTHONY I KNOW YOU HEAR ME!".

Before I go on, let me just applaud the professionalism of the wedding official. This guy is BUILT DIFFERENT when it comes to playing through adversity. He is stoic, he doesn't miss a line, and understands that he was paid to do a job and NOTHING will stop him from doing his job.

But the wedding official can't control how the wedding party reacts, although he may have tried. The shouting has gone on long enough and it's now time for someone to step UP and shut it DOWN. 

Wedding Crasher3

And here she is. The RIDE OR DIE. Everyone has someone like this in their life. Someone you know that when it comes down to it, you have one person who is ready to address an issue on your behalf NO MATTER WHAT!

By the audio in the video, it seems like the ride or die in this scenario is the bride's daughter! "You better get out of my Momma's wedding!", you can hear the angry bridesmaid yell as she charges the wedding crasher. "What is wrong with you?!", she exclaims while charging towards the off-camera wedding crasher...

And that's where the video ends.

Wedding Crasher2

Leaving the Bridal party stunned at what is happening in front of them. A real life wedding crasher showed up and absolutely destroyed the couple's wedding day.

Yes, this video is entertaining and funny. But, I feel for the beautiful couple who looked like they were having an amazing ceremony until this woman showed up. I really hope that the couple was able to proceed with the ceremony and salvage what had been destroyed by, what we can only presume is, an old flame of Anthony's.

Oh yea... what about Anthony? Anthony... well he didn't move a muscle. Which is probably exactly what I would have done in this scenario. What a monumental moment in your life, what a happy day! All to be stepped on by a presumably evil Ex. Now maybe Anthony has some of the fault in this, but his cool and calm demeanor throughout the video has me thinking that Anthony was just trying to wife his new boo and the old boo was NOT having it.

Trust me, I am patiently waiting for a follow up video to see what happens after the bridesmaid charged the wedding crasher. I will update this post if it ever comes out. But for now, I wish the best for Anthony and, hopefully, his new wife.


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