Madisen Hallberg, a Portland State University graduate, had an unexpected surprise that was very moving. Hallberg was being recorded in a public city park while singing the National Anthem for a virtual commencement on June 14. That commencement recording of the National Anthem became so much better when a man that was walking by decided to join in with her while she sang. That man just so happens to be an Oregon opera singer by the name of Emmanuel Henreid.

It was simply beautiful. Like, the kind of beauty that will give you goosebumps. Maybe because it was spontaneous. Maybe because the harmonies were perfect. Or maybe a combination of both.

Hallsberg told ABC News that rather than trying to out-sing the person next to you, you should try to blend with them and harmonize with them.  That is exactly what Hallsberg did. Once Henreid started singing, she immediately relaxed into the sound of his voice and they created beautiful harmonies.

Henreid, who goes by Onry, has been singing at Black Lives Matter protests to keep his voice in shape. Since all of the local music venues are canceled due to the pandemic, singing at the protests has been good for him.

Hallberg told ABC News she thought the interaction was “symbolic for what we need to do as a people and as a community.” Right now, it’s important to spread some positivity and hope for the future. People need that more than ever. These two people coming together to sing the National Anthem did just that.

Here is the video of  the full-length version of their duet:

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