It's always a good idea to put forth your best effort at work, but it's not necessarily the best way to get ahead. Promotions, and raises are the result of getting noticed. People like people who make them laugh. That includes your co workers...and your boss. A sense of humor exudes confidence, according to a survey recently published in Jokes, obviously, can bomb. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Taking that risk indicates self assurance. Alison Wood Brooks, of the Harvard Business School says,"If you are brave enough to tell the joke that you want to tell, whether it succeeds or not, people ascribe confidence to you because they see you as efficacious for taking such a risk with all the ways a joke can potentially fail." There is a caveat. The reason a joke bombs does make a difference. If it's inappropriate, you're shooting yourself in the foot. That indicates a lack of discretion & common sense. So, if you're bucking for a promotion, brush up on your comedic skills...and test your jokes first!

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