Walmart, Target and Toys R Us will take their employees from their families this Thanksgiving by opening Thanksgiving evening.

Target is one of several retail chains planning to start Black Friday shopping festivities earlier than ever, with stores opening at 9 pm on Thanksgiving Day.  Many people aren’t happy about the decision.  Americans are protesting by signing petitions on that have been launched to protest the early opening times of several major retailers.  One petition urges companies to “save Thanksgiving for its employees, their families and consumers”.  It has over 200,000 signatures, while another, which encourages shoppers to boycott the so-called “Thanksgiving creep,” has 166,000.

In the United States it's as though we totally skip right over Thanksgiving and go from Halloween straight into Christmas.  Retailers start displaying Christmas decorations about the time Halloween candy hits shelves.

Even though many employees aren't happy about the early opening to get a jump on Black Friday spending, Walmart, Target, as well as Toys R Us, are sticking to their guns and cutting short Thanksgiving time with the family.

Is this wrong?



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