When reading news information that is shared with us from our friends with SLCC, I don't think anyone would expect to learn that our institution received money from a heavy metal rock group, but this is exactly what happened.

What's the Deal with SLCC?

South Louisiana Community College is an institution that is constantly being awarded funding for its excellent job of getting our people job-ready. So, the institution works hard for that money, but you never expect the funding source to be from a music group.

What's the Deal with the Metallica Scholars Initiative?

Who even knew that the band Metallica has something called the "Metallica Scholars Initiative"?

According to the press release from Anne Falgout, this initiative has already impacted 6,000 students across America to the tune of six million dollars. It gets people job-ready for trade jobs, and they are out there now earning a living.

How Much Did South Louisiana Community College Recieve?

The grant money given to SLCC is $100,000. Lars Ulrich, drummer with Metallica, had the following to say:

The Metallica Scholars Initiative is so important to us because we are seeing results. five years in, with the help of community colleges across the country, we are helping people fill these essential jobs which require skills and training. We are so proud and grateful that we can facilitate this program.

Metallica is best known for amazing songs like Ride the Lighting, Enter Sandman, and Nothing Else Matters, just to name a few, but now to the students and educators at SLCC, they will also be known for their patronage of their institution.

Here are some of the schools that have received money:

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