When I was a little girl, I had so many items of clothing that my mother made for me. Among the vast number of items were knitted items that I still own. I have my red and white USL hat she knitted for me when we would go to games. I have mittens to match.

You might be like me and have many great memories, but some folks may not get that knitted blanket or sweater as their loved one might have passed away before completing the project.

Southern Living recently highlighted an article in Upworthy about a group of volunteers who are happy to finish projects and bring love into the hearts of people who are missing their loved ones.

Two friends Jen Simonic and Masey Kaplan have started a group called Loose Ends. They will finish your loved ones knitting project for the intended recipient. What better way to send love to someone you might not even know? You can volunteer by visiting looseendsproject.org.

According to the two women, they have more than 1000 volunteers. Anyone who wants to finish the work of someone who has passed away so that their family members can have a piece of their heart is encouraged to get involved.

Kaplan told a Portland television station, WMTW, how the whole project got started,

We had been asked by friends who had lost loved ones if we could finish projects for them. By finishing it, they would be able to wear that person's love, basically. And after we had each done a number of projects, it occurred to us that there was an opportunity to let other people express that kind of generosity to each other as well, even between strangers.

You can volunteer for this wonderful organization, or you can donate if you choose.

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