A no-nonsense boss has one requirement to work for his company: you can't be a "snowflake."

After struggling to retain employees, Adam Weedon, owner of Ad-A-Brick Building Services in the U.K., is looking for long-lasting laborers to join his crew.

Weedon claims to have unsuccessfully hired 10 men, roughly aged 30, over the last 12 months who walked away from the job because they found the position too demanding. Supposedly, the workers "love[d] their phones" more than doing the work.

Making a vow to weed out unsuitable candidates, the bricklayer shared a tongue-in-cheek job description for the open "full-time laboring position" at his company. "Pay dependent on experience, hard work, so no snowflakes need apply," he wrote on Facebook in a since-deleted job posting.

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"I've been looking for a building laborer and wrote the 'no snowflake' advert because everyone nowadays wants a job, but doesn't want to work for the money," Weedon told The Daily Mail, lamenting his business' high turnover rate.

Speaking to The Mirror, Weedon said that previous employees found the work, "such as pushing a wheelbarrow, laying slabs, and doing drives and pathways," too difficult.

"I wrote the ad as they're [the people previously hired] not fitting the bill — they're workshy, on their phone and want their mummy to pamper them. They leave. They don't turn up the next day because it's too hard."

If you think you have what it takes to lay the foundation for a flourishing career alongside Weedon, the job recruitment period has no mentioned end date. No word on the business' company culture or attitude toward work-life balance, though we can safely assume Weedon's got a firm no phone policy now.

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