VERMILION PARISH, La. (KPEL News) - One of the major problems resulting from Covid-19 was a change in the workforce across the country. Vermilion Sheriff Mike Couvillon says they are now able to reinstate some programs and start up some new programs.

Sheriff Couvillon says they are restarting several programs that are much needed in the parish. He says he did some rearranging of multiple areas of the different programs to bring back projects that are needed.

Photo by Miguel Schincariol/Getty Images

The following is a list of the programs they are starting up again:

  • The Litter Abatement Program
  • The GED Program (also called HiSet)
  • The TRIAD Program
  • The Jail Garden Program

Sheriff Couvillon says one of the major problems with conducting the programs was staffing. He says now that staffing is once again where it needs to be to meet his safety protocols, the programs are happening again.

Sheriff Couvillon says the following are the new programs that they are starting up in order to help the community:

  • An Internet-Based Crime Mapping Program
  • A Criminal Interdiction Canine Unit
  • Jail Re-entry Program for Inmates
Vermilion Crime Mapping
Photo courtesy of Vermilion Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff is hoping that by providing a map showing citizens of Vermilion Parish where, when, and what times crimes are happening that they will want to assist law enforcement with information. He says it also allows people to be more prepared when it comes to what is happening in their part of the parish.

When inmates come out of prison most likely their resources are very few, and they can have tremendous difficulty getting back to a normal life. the Jail Re-entry Program aims to help them with resources to lower recidivism rates in the parish. That's also the reason they are starting up the GED, or High School equivalency tests again.

K-9 Officer and Deputy
Photo courtesy of Vermilion Sheriff's Office

The new K-9 unit will have new equipment to help in the fight against the sale and transport of drugs in Vermilion Parish.

They are restarting the Jail Garden Program with new fencing for safety, and they have installed a new irrigation system. The food is grown to feed inmates in the jail.

Vermilion Litter Abatement 2
Photo courtesy of Vermilion Sheriff's Office

The Litter Abatement program is starting again, and public roadways will be cleared of trash by inmates. The TRIAD program is restarting, and it will once again focus on the needs of the elderly in Vermilion Parish.

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