No one was injured, but a vehicle fire at home on Washington Street ended up leading to major damage to the vehicle, carport, and home.

Lafayette Fire Department Spokesman and Investigator Alton Trahan says, in a press release, that the family that lives at the home was able to stand a safe distance away, but their home was destroyed by the fire.

Trahan says that after the person had gotten home from a store, one of the children noticed a short time later that there was smoke coming from engine area of the car.

The three adults and four children were all able to get out of the home safely, and the Acadiana Chapter of the American Red Cross is working to try to help the family.

Firefighters from the Lafayette Police Department were able to put the blaze out in about ten minutes, but a firefighter did have a minor injury to his leg.

Trahan says that they are still investigating the fire.


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