From packing clothes to exchanging money; searching for flights to 'Bed and Breakfasts', I found a few resources to help you plan your next vacation. 

From how to roll clothing to save packing room spending a few dollars to hire a local as a tour guide, there are some great ideas in here.  Be forewarned:  the Reddit thread isn't censored, so some of the comments contain profanity.

Another great resource is Airbnb, a website that lists "Bed and Breakfast" opportunities all over the world.  With just a quick search, I found rates for as low as $32 a night in Germany, and $48 a night in St. Maarten!  Some great deals for people who don't need an extravagant room (though some of the availabilities are quite plush, with rates at several hundreds of dollars a night).  Many of the accommodations are as simple as a bed and a bathroom (much like a hotel set-up), where as others have kitchenettes, and still others are houses that can sleep up to 16!  Just looking at the map provided can give you great get-away ideas....

And don't forget about Kayak, an airline search engine that searches all the other search engines!!


(Via Reddit, airbnb, Kayak)