In Louisiana, you can buy beer almost anywhere, grocery store, convenience store, gas station. That’s not the case everywhere. I spent a couple years in Colorado. The grocery stores sold 3.2 beer. To get the "real" stuff, you had to go to a liquor store. In many states, the liquor stores are state owned.

That’s the case in Utah. Grocery and convenience stores had long been prohibited from selling beer with a higher alcohol content than 4%. The law changed October 31, raising the limit to 5%. Liquor stores in Utah are prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages that are available elsewhere in the state.

That meant all stock in the state owned liquor stores with an alcohol content of less then 5% had to be disposed of. They discounted what they had until the law took affect, then recently disposed of the rest. No, they didn’t give it away! About 275 cases of beer, Worth almost $18,000, were destroyed at a recycling facility.


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