UPDATE:  The dogs have been located.




The dogs, Sadie and Ani, got away from the dog sitter at Moore Park on Lafayette's Northside on Thursday. They have not been seen since.

The owner of the dogs, Phyllis Cagnola, was on vacation in New England. She has been caring for an elderly uncle for a year and renovating his home at the same time, and finally decided that she needed some time away. When she left, she entrusted her dogs to a sitter. On Thursday she received a call around 11pm and was told that the dogs were missing, more than 5 hours after they slipped away.

The original Facebook post from her sitter:

To lose your dogs is one thing; to have the person who is watching them for you lose them is even more heartbreaking. I feel for Phyllis for not only not knowing where her pets are, but to be so far from home when it happened; I can't imagine how helpless she felt. Also, to be the person responsible for losing the dogs: I'd be guilt-ridden!

A reward has been set up for the safe return of Ani and Sadie and, at the time of this writing, is set at $2,000.

If you have seen these dogs, or know someone who has, please call Phyllis at 337-781-8955.



Facebook/Phyllis Soileau Cagnola
Facebook/Phyllis Soileau Cagnola


MISSING: My groomer and pet sitter took my girls to Moore Park in Lafayette for a walk this evening without my permission and they got away from him. The darker one answers to Sadie and the lighter one answers to Ani. They both have pink camo collars on that have my name and phone number. Please contact me if you find them. My number is 337-781-8955. Thank you. Please share. - Phyllis Soileau Cagnola, Facebook

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