Cypress Lake on the UL Lafayette campus is home to several alligators. They're fascinating creatures. They're also potentially dangerous. It's wisest not to mess with them, especially now. Why? Mating season is commencing. KATC reports, university officials have issued a warning to students, faculty and visitors. The university issued the following statement: “Cypress Lake is home to many species of wildlife, including alligators. Co-existing with alligators is part of life at the University. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety wants you to be aware that it is alligator mating season.” The courtship process for the alligators began in April. Mating happens in May or June, before females build nests and deposit eggs. The eggs will hatch from mid-August through early September, after 63-68 days of incubation. Female alligators may make their nests in the shallow parts of Cypress Lake near the lower retention walls.”

It's recommended to stay at least 10 feet away from the walls, and not leave children unsupervised. Don't bring pets into the area. Don't engage with the alligators.



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