Recent reports say that many politicians in the United States have genuine concern for the nation's security as it relates to the threat of UFO's. Lawmakers are holding the most secretive information close to the vest for now, as they believe the information will eventually be presented to the public.

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Why is there so much talk about UFO's?

Video from U.S. Navy pilots with apparent UFO's were recently confirmed by the Pentagon, sparking more speculation around the possibility of alien life visiting earth than ever before. It was announced back in March that the Pentagon would be releasing these reports some time this summer.

YouTube via Jermey Corbell
YouTube via Jermey Corbell

While many are anxious to hear about evidence of extraterrestrial life, politicians that were briefed are mostly concerned about the threat UFO's pose to U.S. security.

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Whatever was shown to U.S. lawmakers in the "hush-hush sneak preview" was enough for those politicians to voice their concerns to the media. But, none of the politicians spoke on the possibility of aliens or anything along those lines being evident.

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So, it seems as though National Security authorities want to ensure their aren't any foreign threats that relate to these UFO spottings before making the report public information.

To be honest with you, I am not sure if the world is ready for evidence of alien life near earth at this point. We have had a tough time keeping the ship afloat with the problems we face on our own planet, so I really have no idea how people would handle the news that aliens really do exist.

I doubt that is what the Pentagon will come out and say whenever this report is released, but if there is any evidence at all that supports the possibility of extraterrestrial life visiting earth... Well people will have to take that information for what they will.

Personally, I would welcome alien life. Maybe we send someone cool that everyone likes, maybe Matthew McConaughey or Beyonce, to go talk to the aliens before the rest of us make contact. I just think it's important we start off on the right foot. After all, if this report shows that aliens are real - they got to us before we got to them.

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