St. Martin Parish officials say that a Parks mother was arrested after her two-year-old child ended up shooting himself in the arm.

Sheriff's Spokeswoman Ginny Higgins says the investigation started after the toddler was brought to St. Martini Hospital.

Higgins says the woman gave deputies misleading information about how all of this happened, and once they investigated further, they realzied the kid has gotten hold of the gun because it was unsecured.

The child got a hold of the gun, and when it fired, he got hit in the arm.

Investigators say when they were investigating this whole situation they came across an illegal drug.

Deputies arrested 22-year-old Chelsey Paige Wiltz on the following charges:

  • One count of RS 14:94-Illegal Use of Weapons or Dangerous Instrument (Felony)
  • One count of RS 14:130.1-Obstruction of Justice (Felony)
  • One count of RS 40:966-Prohibited Acts; Schedule 1 narcotics, MDMA (Felony)

The little boy was treated for his injuries, and he was released from the hospital the nexxt day.

This incident happened in the 1000 block of Promise Land Drive in St. Martinville