President Donald Trump has been asking for a grand military parade lately.

That may be perhaps because the parades that we've seen North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un has been seen attending have struck a nerve for his U.S. counterpart.

Of course, the U.S. military is the mightiest in the world. And perhaps we should have had military parades in the past. Well, we will have one this year.

Reuters reports the grand display of the USA's military might will be held along a two-mile stretch of Washington D.C. on Nov. 11--Veterans' Day. Media reports say the parade will include servicemen and servicewomen from numerous branches of the military-some in period uniforms from the nation's military past.

The only caveat will be that there will not be any tanks. No M4 Shermans, M46 Pattons, not even one, M1 Abrams! Why?

Well, the answer to that question is a matter of logistics.

Our nation's capital city--Washington D.C.--has been built up to include subterranean subways, tunnels and sewers that sit on top of bedrock.

That being said, parade organizers and infrastructure specialists do not want the heavy tanks to damage the streets of D.C. and everything that lies beneath them. There will be plenty of military vehicles, but only the ones that roll on Goodyear, or Michelin, products.

Long before Nov. 11 rolls along, I'm sure we will get much more information on what the parade will include; where the president and the First Family will be viewing the parade; what the First Lady will be wearing, et cetera, et cetera...

What is definitive is that therte will be NO TANKS.

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