One day after a child was found dead in a hot car, state troopers are warning parents are taking proper precautions to keep their children safe.

Trooper Thomas Gossen of Louisiana State Police Troop I says parents who take their kids with them on trips--no matter how long or short--should find ways to remind themselves that their child is in the back seat. Gossen suggests leaving your purse, a brief case, or even one of your shoes in the back seat. This way, you'll be forced to check that part of your car to see if your child is still in the vehicle with you.

For parents who have someone else drop their kids off at school or daycare, Gossen suggests having the temporary guardian call the parent to confirm he/she dropped off the child. If that phone call doesn't come by a certain time, then the parent can begin the process of making sure his/her child is okay.

Trooper Gossen discussed more tips to prevent hot car deaths, as well as general motor safety advice, on this morning's edition of Acadiana's Morning News.

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