There are just not many things in this world that will leave me at a loss for words. The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington D.C. is one of those things. The understated subtlety of the memorial's incredible message demands silence, it demands respect, it evokes feelings of patriotism, loss, and heroes unrecognized for their valor. In other words, it is a sight that every true American should behold and experience.

The traveling replica of that memorial will be in Louisiana through Veteran's Day. I encourage you to take the short drive over to DeRidder to see it. The Moving Wall as the replica is known is about half the size of the actual memorial. It is on display at the War Memorial Civic Center through Monday, Veteran's Day.

The Moving Wall features the names of over 58,000 Americans who paid the ultimate price while serving our nation on the battlefields of Southeast Asia. Of those names, 884 of them belong to servicemen from Louisiana.

From Lafayette, the drive to DeRidder is listed at almost two hours. In my opinion, it would be time well spent to take your children, especially, to see this moving exhibit. It's also a great time for you and me to say thank you to any and all veterans for their service to our nation.

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