We all know how incredible it is to live in Lafayette, and now a travel website says Lafayette has been named the #1 Best Place to travel in 2023.

Lafayette offers so much to see, do, and eat. We know all of the secrets of our city and hopefully, this designation will mean an influx of tourists to our city.

The website gets input from its 25 writers and editors in order to make their picks for each year.

Travel website Travel Lemming has given Lafayette the #1 designation.

Each year Travel Lemming announces their top 50 best travel destination and Lafayette now sits atop that list.

The website aims to feature communities that are emerging destinations.

On Travel Leming's website about Lafayette:

But if you prefer something a little closer to home, we've got you covered with some hidden gems that have been sitting under your nose this whole time - including our number one pick this year, an unheralded town right here in the United States.

The President and CEO of the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission had the following to say about Tuesday's announcement,

It is an honor to be recognized by Travel Lemming as the number one destination to visit in 2023. We invite their 6 million plus readers to come experience the heart of Cajun and Creole Country and to become immersed in our world-renowned food, music, and culture. 

As it happens one of the writers for the website is from Louisiana. Lana Sampa says,

As a native Louisianan, I only grew to appreciate Lafayette as an older adult living in Texas. Lafayette is the quintessential weekend getaway that offers eclectic treasure troves. Dare I say it? I may prefer Lafayette over New Orleans!

Travel Lemming says these are the top ten hidden gems across the world.

  • 1. Lafayette, Louisiana
  • 2. Bhutan
  • 3. Utila, Honduras
  • 4. Ile Sainte Marie, Madagascar
  • 5. Kosovo
  • 6. Salento,  Columbia
  • 7. Vanuatu
  • 8. Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia
  • 9. Uzbekistan
  • 10. Detroit Michigan


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