The holidays can be rough...on multiple levels, travel, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, or on a relative's sofa. Then, there's the food, the stress, and the booze. Travel brings on stress & fatigue. I've grown to hate air travel over the years. All those holiday treats, loaded with sugar, salt & fat! How do you bounce back? Here are some suggestions from NBC News on how to bounce back...

Too much salt: Drink extra water, and reduce the next day's sodium intake.

Too much sugar: Go for a walk.

Hangover: The biggest culprit here is dehydration. Drink water, or a sports drink before you go to bed. Eggs & asparagus make a good morning after breakfast

( asparagus omelette, perhaps)

O.D.'ed on family?... Volunteer to run an errand, giving you  some alone time.

By the way, Merry Christmas!

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