At some time today, you are going to read or see a story, most likely on a social media site, that makes you shake your head. I mean a story that makes you shake your head even more than the regular stories on social media make you shake your head. Today is April Fool's Day. It's the official holiday of internet trolls and ne'er do-wells the world over.

I am all about some light-hearted fun and there have been some incredible April Fool's pranks that have gone down in American Folklore. Like the guy who convinced a town in Alaska that a volcano was about to erupt.

Baseball fans and readers of Sports Illustrated magazine might recall a story from 1985 involving a pitcher by the name of Sidd Finch. It was said he could throw a ball so hard no catchers wanted to be behind the plate when he was on the mound.

What's even more amazing is those pranks unfolded without the benefit of mass ignorance that we find on today's social media sites. That's what makes today fun and frightening at the same time.

Since we don't know what kind of lunacy might be unleashed and then spread by innocent victims please be forewarned that today is the day when pranks and tricks are supposed to be a part of society.

Most pranks are just harmless fun between friends. However, sometimes these pranks get out of hand and jobs are lost, lives are changed, and lawyers are hired. You don't want your prank to evolve to fit into one of those categories.

So be critical of what you read and scrutinize before you share. You don't want to be the gasoline that gets thrown on to the flames of a social media prank that could burn you in professional and personal ways.

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