I think it is safe to say that we all remember when Taylor Swift broke the internet and Ticketmaster when her tickets for The Eras Tour went on sale.

This whole situation led to angry fans all over. Some of these angry fans are actually in the process of trying to sue Ticketmaster. And while it was a frustrating situation that could have possibly been avoided we all knew that it was going to be difficult to get our hands on these tickets.

There were many people, myself included, who were not able to get tickets despite having a verified fan code and having been promised a boost once we got into the queue.

Well, today some T Swift fans woke up to the news that they might be getting one last chance at scoring tickets and seeing Taylor up close and personal.

Ticketmaster sent out emails to those fans who were given a boost but did not purchase tickets stating that they could pick the price range they would be willing to pay for a ticket, From there Ticketmaster will let those who fill out this request know if they scored tickets, how much their card will be charged, and where their seats are located.

The email read in part, “You have been identified as a fan who received a boost during the Verified Fan presale but did not purchase tickets. We apologize for the difficulties you may have experienced, and have been asked by Taylor’s team to create this additional opportunity for you to purchase tickets.”

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It is important to know that not everyone who fills out this request will get tickets.

These emails are being sent out according to tour date and location so if you didn’t receive one yet there is still hope since all emails will be sent out before December 23, 2022.

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While this came as quite a surprise to many fans some were questioning the motives behind the emails.

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Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift took a big hit publically when her tickets when on sale, so this brings up the question is this enough for people to forgive and forget?

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