Aegis Living

Dwayne Clarke is a successful business man who hasn't forgotten where he came from. The 59 year old CEO of Aegis Living recently left a $3,000 tip for the staff of a  diner in Bellevue, Washington. WLTX-TV reports, Clarke recently sat in his regular booth, and ordered his "usual." The bill came to $39.60. He added a $3,000 tip, and a note that read, "You guys do a great job! When I was 7, I washed dishes and my mom cooked in a diner like this. We were dirt poor and didn't have money for Christmas. Hopefully, this will help all of you have a better Christmas." I know from experience, people in the food service industry often endure disrespect, and a lot of rude behavior. We often hear stories of deplorable behavior at this time of year. I've enjoyed sharing this story with you. Merry Christmas!

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