Someone in Abbeville unfortunately lost a piece of jewelry recently, and if the reward they're offering doesn't help get it back, then everything I've ever known is a lie.

Posted in the "Lost & Found" classified section of the February 28 edition of Abbeville newspaper Abbeville Meridional Newspaper, someone placed an add about losing a silver hoop earring in the parking lot at Walmart.

Just in case the person who found the silver hoop earring also saw the "Lost & Found" ad, they wanted to make certain the finder didn't decide to become a keeper. To hopefully prevent that from happening, a reward was offered for the return of missing earring.

What kind of reward could be offered that would guarantee its return? A reward so tantalizing not even the most hardened, jaded, and disenfranchised member of society could ignore? Am I asking a lot of questions?

The reward being offered isn't the promise of piles of cash. In my opinion, it's a reward worth more than that.

The reward for the return of the silver hoop earring is "5 layer peanut cookies!!!!".

That's how we operate in Acadiana. Sure, offering cash is always great and appreciated by those who may be fortunate enough to receive it, but offering food is something on a whole different level.

To us, food is love, and to offer someone food that we'd made in effort to say "Thank You" is not just giving them food, it's giving them love.

I sure am hoping this earring was found and returned, and I hope whoever returned it is enjoying those cookies!

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