If you suddenly woke up in someone's house, not knowing them, or knowing where you are, could you figure out if the people who lived there were from Acadiana? Darn right you could...

Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Being Cajun and Creole is kind of like being in an exclusive club. Without saying a word, we can tell if someone is Cajun or Creole, no matter where in the country or world we might be.

Some of those clues are found in homes all across Acadiana.

Maybe it's the pots in the kitchen. Maybe it's jars of various pickled foods. Or, maybe it's a certain type of rice cooker.

There are definitely some surefire tells when it comes to Cajun and Creole culture. Some are not as obvious as others, but there are certainly some things folks from Acadiana can spot from a mile away.

We asked you on Facebook "What is something you'll find in someone's home that PROVES they're 100% Cajun and Creole to the bone?" and once again, you did not disappoint with your answers.

Check out the list below and let us know if there's something that should have made the list but didn't.

Things You'll Find in Acadiana Homes Proving They're Cajun and Creole to the Bone

1) Charlotte Benoit LeJeune - "Homemade bread and coffee milk for breakfast!"

2) Derek Touchet - "Magnalite pots"

3) Jeanelle Broussard - "A meat grinder to hook to the counter"

4) Mindy Credeur - "Black pot, Magnalite pots, roux spoons, community coffee"

5) Donna Lege-Alston - "Hitachi chime-o-Matic rice cooker"


Chime-O-Matic Food Steamer Rice
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6) Gwen Touchard - "A big Tupperware container of rice"

7) Shantel Vincent Sonnier - "Pickled Merletons in the icebox, bacon grease in a mason jar, all kinds of homemade jams and jelly in mason jars"

8) Ray Benoit - "Genuine friendship, it’s not a put-on"

9) Drake Meaux - "A deep freezer full of wild game, including nutria, garfish and maybe some choupique"

10) Bart Fink - "A Blaine Roy CD"

11) Dorothy Meaux - "A shothing over the door"

12) Hannah S. Petitjean - "Boudin and chocolate milk on the counter for breakfast"

13) Ricky Belaire - "Boudinnier (boudin stuffer) some use to use the tip of cow horn to stuff boudin in casing"

14) Byron Stelly - "A jar of Vicks Salve on the nightstand"


Amazon Via Guruji Store
Amazon Via Guruji Store


15) Keith Leblanc - "Mounted crawfish or crab"

16) Payton Broussard - "Idk why but there’s always chickens, hens, and roosters everywhere as decorations"

17) Libby Chiasson Klein - "A passé partout saw! I got a trap and a saw hanging"


Louisiana Passe Partout Crosscut Saw Bucking Saw
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18) Keno Lege - "Steen's syrup"

19) Charles N Denise Frederick - "Canned figs"

20) Susan Mayeux Laborde - "A container of the Holy Trinity in the fridge"

21) Ms. Merita's Hard Candy Slides, LLC -

Ms. Merita's Hard Candy Slides, LLC
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22) Veronica Jeanne Baranik - "An accordion"

23) Becky Slagle - "White shrimper rubber boot"

24) Susan Dupuis - "Boudin, cracklin., Aldus Roger, Lawrence Walker music"

25) Brittany Crooks Jiacoletti - "A flat spoon"

26) Keisha Guidry - "Some palm leaves to burn when the weather is bad"

27) Bobby N Monique Guilbeaux - "Chow chow"

28) Lavender Hill - "A palm branch from last year"


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29) Lisa Aucoin Gary - "Cajun ten commandments"

30) Alayna Dore - "Tony’s boudin and pork rinds"

31) Cathy Cat Poirier Leblanc - "Lil Pour Over Drip Coffee Pot, A rosary, Music in the kitchen, Steen's Cane Syrup"

32) Sue Meche - "Old French records or French Cd’s"

33) Helen Roy - "Cajun Prayer plaque"

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