Consumer Reports has some suggestions as to what Americans will find cheaper in the month of January.  If you have any money left over from the holidays, now would be a good time to save on a few things.

January is a great time to buy toys.  Stack up now for birthdays and future holidays.

You may think January is not the time to buy exercise equipment, but it actually is the perfect time.  Stores want to clear out old exercise equipment to make room for new models.  Especially treadmills and elliptical machines.

Televisions are traditionally less in January than any other month.

Consumer Reports suggests now is the perfect time to purchase winter clothes.  Most people have their winter wardrobe in place by January so anything left on the shelves is usually discounted for the arrival of spring and Summer clothing.

Bedding believe it or not.  You might be asking, why bedding?  It dates back to 1878.  In 1878, a department store in Philadelphia had a big sale on bedding and it caught on.

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