If you haven't already named your, National Name Your Car Day is the perfect day to do so!

Today is National Name Your Car Day, the perfect day to give your trusty ride a new name or name it for the first time. Famous named cars include the General Lee, Kit from Knight Rider, and Herbie from The Love Bug. You can name your car anything you like, but here are the ten most popular car names if you need a little inspiration. Most of those surveyed were men and the most - named vehicle type is the sedan.

1. Baby
2. Betsy
3. Ruby
4. Betty
5. Beast
6. Max
7. Bertha
8. Pearl
9. Frank
10. Christine

I've never named a car, or any inanimate object, come to think of it. A friend of mine in college called her car 'Trooper,' but I can't actually remember anyone else calling their car by a name.  I asked CJ, Steve, Jaycee, and Chris if they've named their cars. So far, I've only heard back from Chris, who told me his current car is named 'Defiant' after the starship from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, of course!. Share your car names with us here!


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