A theater in Tennessee decided that "Hellboy" was too offensive to put on their marquee.

The theater sits across from a church and an elementary school. Manager Belinda Daniel says that they prefer not to use words on their marquee that may be seen as profanity as to not offend people who pass by, including hundreds of children everyday.

Instead of the title of the movie, "Hellboy", the theater put the title as "Heckboy" which has only drawn more attention.

“We are glad that we could share a small bit of our great community while also sharing a laugh with the rest of the world,” she said.

"Hellboy" is a $50 million reboot of the 2004 franchise about a demon from hell who helps the government track down paranormal trouble makers. It has grossed $19.8 million in its first two weekends since its release on April 22.

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