With fellow U.K.-er Victoria Beckham serving as the guest editor of the September issue of Glamour, she was able to put the Wanted in the pages of the women’s mag, since they are fashionable men. The mod-styled spread features the, uh, boys posing with models and looking fine while doing so.

Is that the adorbs Jay McGuiness in crushed, midnight blue velvet, paired with Converse? Why yes, yes it is. Is that Nathan Sykes looking hot in a red blazer? Mmm hmm. Max George appears to be rocking an dark navy jacket, but who cares what color it is? He looks delish.

“It’s scary getting groomed,” Sykes said. “There’s pressure to look decent — that’s a hard task!” Oh, how the Wanted make getting groomed look easy. When you’re that genetically gifted, looking decent isn’t that hard, Nathan!

The Wanted’s Siva Kaneswaran, in an eggplant-hued jacket, was once a model, so when he said, “I know how to dress up,” we believed him.

The resident comedian of the bunch, Mr. McGuiness, offered an interesting and somewhat brilliant philosophy regarding being a man of style. If you do it too much, it’s not as effective. “If you dress awesome all the time, when you make an effort, it doesn’t have as much impact,” he reasoned.

Point taken, Jay.

Ladies, how amazeballs do the Wanted look in this spread?


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