As Louisianans, it's no shock to us that we have probably the most urban legends of any state in the country. We have so many, that I've lived here my entire life and still stumble across stories I've never heard. Today I came across the legend of "The Grunch" and it's just as strange as it sounds.

The legend of "The Grunch", based around the Eastern area of New Orleans, tells of an inbred clan of albino dwarf people who live in the woods and eat goats and humans. Seriously. OK, they didn't start out that way, but as a result of their seclusion, and a rumored deal with the devil, they eventually turned out this way.

According to legend there was a strange group of humans living in these woods that were a strange mix of albinos and dwarfs, forced to live away from society, during a time when people who were thought of as different were considered creations of the devil. Because of humanities cruel nature, these people became a sort of side show for teenagers and immature adults.

The locals claim that their seclusion to the woods had caused the people to interbreed and combine their abnormalities to eventually become almost inhuman in appearance. At this point in time the end of that long road, then labeled "Grunch" road, was considered nothing but a freak-show and occasionally a make out spot for desperate teens who may not have believed the legends, that is until people started to disappear.

The main thing for you to know about all of this is that if you see a goat on the side of the road around this area of New Orleans, stay in your car. Even if it looks hurt and you want to help it, it's a trick. If you get out of your car "The Grunch" will get you and "Eat your heart and flesh".

There's a story with pictures about "The Grunch" over at you can check out as well.

Don't say we didn't warn you!




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