The National WWII Museum is a fantastic treasure that we have right here in Louisiana.

And if you thought that it was pretty special before now it is getting even better with the addition of a new nighttime outdoor experience.

A new outdoor immersive experience is set to open up in November. The experience will be called “Expressions of America.” This unique experience will feature living murals, an outdoor sound and light show, and will be fully immersive for the audience.

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This experience will help the audience to tell the stories of everyday people who made an impact during this critical time of history.

“I think it adds to the Museum’s slate of interactive and digital storytelling,” said Kimberly Guise, the Museum’s Senior Curator and Director for Curatorial Affairs. “We always embrace an opportunity to tell the story of World War II in different and unique ways. One of the key elements of Expressions of America is that it is at nighttime, when the Museum has traditionally not been open except for special events. It adds an entirely different element to the Museum experience.”

To top it all off there will be music recorded by New Orleans performers that will go with actual footage from the time period.

“We are very proud to be located in New Orleans, and the city’s history and culture is part of the experience of visiting the Museum,” Guise said. “To hear a New Orleans jazz take on 1940s standards has been really exciting.”


The National WWII Museum in New Orleans houses more than 250,000 artifacts and more than 12,000 personal accounts that are shared via immersive exhibits, multimedia experiences, first-person oral histories, and more. For details about the museum, visit

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