It's no secret that in Acadiana, we've got quite a few very unique last names. In fact, some of our Cajun French last names are so unique that they're often mispronounced even by people born and raised here.


How To Pronounce Cajun Last Names

In Acadiana, things are just...different here than in other parts of the U.S.

David is Dah-Veed, Robin is Roe-Ba(n), and Richard is of course Ree-Shard.

For folks not from here, just those three Cajun last names alone are enough to blow their minds...and those are the easy ones.

Heck, there are many Cajun last names that Acadiana natives pronounce two or three different ways.

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We asked the question "What are the most mispronounced last names in Acadiana?" on Facebook, and after almost 1,000 answers from you, here are some of the Cajun last names that routinely kept popping up.




One pretty cool thing we noticed from digging through your answers is, that there are some pretty great and fantastically rare Cajun last names that we just don't come across very much, if ever.

Before we start, we're talking about Cajun last names most commonly mispronounced not just outside of Acadiana, but here in Cajun Country as well.

Also before we start, the correct way to pronounce someone's last name is how they say it's pronounced. End of discussion. It might not be the way you hear it pronounced 99% of the time. What they say goes.

(Editors Note - The last names below have been phonetically spelled out as well as possible. There's really no way to get it 100% correct due to the fact each name is pronounced more than one way. We did our best.)

1. Leleux - Pronounced Le-Lue or Luh-Luh. Mispronounced Lay-Loox.

2. Reaux - Pronounced Ray-Oh. Mispronounced Rio.

3. Breaux - Pronounced Bro. Mispronounced Bre-Ox.

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4. Verot - Pronounced Vair-row. Mispronounced Vair-Ot.

5. Louviere - Pronounced Loovy-Air or Loovy-Ay. Mispronounced La-Riv-Ee-Ay.

6. Quebedeaux - Pronounced Kweh-bed-Oh. Mispronounced Cue-Bed-Ox.

7. Roberie - Pronounced Row-Bur-Ree. Mispronounced Robbery.

8. Theunissen - Pronounced Tennis-son. Mispronounced Th-You-ness-sun.

9. Duet - Pronounced Do-ay. Mispronounced Do-Ette.

10. Rougarouin - Pronounced...We Have No Idea. Mispronounced Ruga-Rowen.

11. Montie - Pronounced Mon-tay. Mispronounced Monty.

12. Daugereaux - Pronounced Dough-Jer-Oh. Mispronounced Dough-Gree-Oh or worse.

13. Boumans - Pronounced Boo-maw. Mispronounced Bow-Mans.

14. Arnaud - Pronounced Are-no. Mispronounced Are-nod.


15. Chattos - Pronounced Sha-Toe. Mispronounced Cheetos.

16. Ozment - Pronounced Auz-maw. Mispronounced Oz-Meant.

17. Fruge’ - Pronounced Fru-Jay. Mispronounced Frewg.

18. LeJeune - Pronounced Luh-Jurn. Mispronounced Luh-June.

19. Simon - Pronounced Sea-Maw. Mispronounced Psy-mun.

20. Choate - Pronounced Ch-Oat. Mispronounced Kay-Oat-Ee.

21. Ducharme - Pronounced Due-shaum. Mispronounced Due-Char-muh

22. Draughon - Pronounced Draw-when. Mispronounced Draw-Hawn.

23. Denais - Pronounced Deh-Nice. Mispronounced Den-Aye-Is.

24. Veazey - Pronounced Vee-Zay. Mispronounced Vee-Zee.

25. Hebert - Pronounced A-Bear. Mispronounced He-Bert.

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26. Tullier - Pronounced Too-yay. Mispronounced Tuh-Ler.

27. DeGravelle - Pronounced Deh-grah-Vel. Mispronounced Day-Gravel.

28. Gravois - Pronounced Grav-whah. Mispronounced Gra-Voice.

29. Rebert - Pronounced Re-bear. Mispronounced Re-Burt.

30. Mestayer - Pronounced Met-ee-Yay. Mispronounced May-Stay-Er.

31. Domengeaux - Pronounced Do-ma-Jo. Mispronounced Dome-men-Go.

32. Maturin - Pronounced Match-ur-Ra. Mispronounced Mature-Rin.

33. Stoute - Pronounced Stoot. Mispronounced Stouts.

34. Bodoin - Pronounced Bo-dwa(n) or Bo-Da. Mispronounced Boo-dan.

35.  Geoffroy - Pronounced Jo-Fro. Mispronounced Jeff-roy.

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