What's not to like about the MLB home run derby? It's sluggers muscling up, taking aim and testing the capacity of the ballpark to see if it can contain their mammoth blasts.

This season Major League Baseball will be trying to incentivize some of the games biggest sluggers who maybe have shied away from the event in the past to partake and put on a show.

How will they do that you may be wondering? How does anyone get people to do things, money! Not just chump change either, we're talking a cool $1 million dollars. To some that may feel like chump change but let's not turn our heads at a million dollars, if there's a way to earn an extra million just by outhitting other players you do it, I know I would.

Let me just throw an example at you, Aaron Judge won the derby in 2017, he's a big name yes but this year his annual salary is $684,300. An extra mil to that guy would be a big deal!

The change will take place effective immediately for the 2019 mid-summer classic, it should make for some good old fashion friendly competition.


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