A lot has changed since the Jonas Brothers were last on tour six years ago. Now, all three band members are married, and Kevin Jonas and his wife have a family all their own, welcoming daughters Alena Rose Jonas and Valentina Angelina Jonas into the world in 2014 and 2016, respectively. When the pop stars kicked off their Happiness Begins tour Wednesday night (August 7), they brought "an army" with them.

"[Our wives are] all here tonight, so that should be good, and our parents are in town," Nick Jonas told Entertainment Tonight ahead of the show in Miami. "[Our brother] Frankie is in town. We got the extended family. It is an army."

"The VIP section is going to be pouring over," Joe Jonas added jokingly.

For Kevin, bringing his kids along for the ride is even more special. "Yeah, it's crazy," he gushed. "Yesterday my girls showed up for the first time seeing the backstage and getting some special stuff for the road and they were in the best mood I think they've ever been, so I am just beyond excited to have them see this for the first time tonight."

"It's different, but we're enjoying every single moment," he continued. "The girls showed up yesterday and ran into uncle Nick and uncle Joe and we were just like, 'we're here.' You know, they're ready to go."

Nick's wife Priyanka Chopra shared a photo on Instagram with Kevin's wife Danielle and Joe's wife Sophie Turner, aka the Jonas SIsters. Kevin mentioned they'd be sitting at the bar during the concert.

According to Joe, "it's going to be a party."


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