If you know someone with a horse problem don't let them see this. Heads up to all the crazy horse people, the government wants to pay you to help save a wild horse. Due to the wild mustang population, the Bureau of Land Management is offering you $1,000 to adopt a wild horse. Did you know that an estimated 88,000 wild horses roam the U.S.? It sounds cool, right? Unfortunately, the land can't sustain nearly that many animals, which leads to starving horses. The BLM came up with an adoption incentive program. This adoption program allows vetted adopters to adopt a wild horse or burro after March 12. How do you get your money? First, you pay the $25 adoption fee that is due upon the time of adoption. Then after 60 days of the adoption, you get $500. Then you get an additional $500 within 60 days of titling. Click here for all the information.

How awesome is it that you can help the wild mustang population and get paid for it. Tell all your crazy horse people!


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