The college football world has always managed to evolve the way champions were crowned. The first method of crowning a national champion was to see who was the number one ranked team at the end of the season. the number one and two teams never had to even face off in this era, the team ranked number one at the end of the season was crowned champion.

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The BCS era began in 1998, and this era featured the top two nationally ranked teams at the end of the season coming to get her to play a championship game. The last BCS National Championship game was played in 2013 when Florida State defeated Auburn.

BCS National Championship - Florida State v Auburn
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In 2014, the playoff era would begin as the first ever four-team college football playoff was held. The top four ranked teams at the end of the season would face in two of the six New Year’s six bowls in a semi-final matchup. The winners would then go on to face each other in a championship game.

Ever since the birth of the playoff, fans all over the country have been begging for an expansion. Fans always thought that the number five and six seeded teams were always snubbed and deserved to be in playoffs just as much as teams one through four. Many wondered when would the playoff expand, and how many teams would it expand to. Well, that question has officially been answered.

The committee has officially decided to expand the playoff to a twelve-team format by 2026. This is huge because it now gives multiple conferences a chance to feature multiple teams in the playoff. This was highly unlikely before the expansion and had only been done by the SEC which featured both Georgia and Alabama in the playoff. College football took to Twitter and here are some reactions to the news.

I love the idea of expanding the playoff, but I'm not sure if twelve teams is the right number. What do you think about the playoff expansion?

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