The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron created quite the buzz when the runner up was spotted leaving her LA house on the morning of Friday (August 2); however, that news couldn't hold a candle to what happened over the weekend — just two days after his romantic evening with the bachelorette herself, the 26-year-old was seen out on a date with Gigi Hadid in New York City.

Naturally, this had fans wondering what this means for Cameron and Brown, and the reality star explained their situation.

"I have feelings, but I’m also single and he’s single and I wanna keep my options open and he can keep his options open," she told Entertainment Tonight.

As for her night with Cameron, the two took some time to catch up after the show's finale. "We definitely hung out and talked about everything and... I know nobody will believe me [about] just hanging out and actually talking but it was good to be able to catch up. We had a lot to talk about," she explained.  "We are trying to figure out how we feel."

"I am single, and people slide into my DMs if they want to, but I just got out of an engagement and dating 30 men. [Dating] is not really not my sole focus right now," she added. "I'm working on Hannah and loving Hannah, and so you know, if that means going to have a drink again with somebody else, then I'm all for it."

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