We were thrilled and amazed to receive Thank You notes from some of the women who attended the 2014 KTDY Secretary Appreciation Banquet!

John Falcon Debbie Ray Steve Wiley CJ Clements...gosh dang, there's NOTHIN like having dinner ready desserts aplenty someone to pick up after you AND do ALL the clean up and all this for free and on a monday!! .this could be a sneak peak into heaven...thank you a gazillion time over for fluffing the under fluffed! !"
Good Morning yall. I'm sporting the Gucci sun glasses I won last night. Thanks again. We had a blast.

I just got back from the Secretary Appreciation Banquet and I want to thank everyone that worked so hard to put it together. It was my first time and I had a great one. Thank you CJ for spending time with all of us on your son's birthday too. Thank you again everyone, had a blast.


Thanks 99.9 KTDY for an awesome evening. We had a great time.
I just wanted to Thank You! for a fun evening, last night.
Also Thanks to:  JayCee, CJ, Steve, Bernie, Heather, Mr. Debbie Ray AKA Dave and the ladies at the sign in table. 
thanks so much for wonderful evening!
I had a great time last night. Every year I send my name in and I get a spot almost every year. I love going to the banquet. It is really fun and the prizes y'all give are awesome. Thanks again to everyone at KTDY. You guys are the best radio station in Lafayette. Best DJ's in a Lafayette. God Bless y'all.


Y'all, we're just the middleman- you're the backbone of business in this community! And that wonderful community stepped up to offer tons of diddy bag sussies and door prizes to let you know how much they appreciate everything you do!

Speaking of which, THANKS again to Moss Motors, Lofton Staffing Services, Petroleum Club, Coca-Cola, Armentor Jewelers, Sonic, Spa Mizan, Social, Cafe Josephine, Rik Rak, Loco, A-Bryan's, Coccolare, Bath Haus, Bella Pelle, Julien's, Caroline & Co., Planet Beach, Adorn, AVI, Lunettes de LaHaye, Bayou Stitchin', Evangeline Downs, and Taylor Swift.


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