How awesome is this?

The Texas Game Wardens posted several photos on Facebook of the sea turtles they rescued during frigid conditions in Texas.

141 sea turtles were rescued by the brave men of the Texas Game Wardens in the Brownsville Ship Channel and surrounding bays.

Once onboard, the turtles were able to survive the cold, but if not removed from the water, they'd have drowned. Sea turtles cannot move or swim once the temperature outdoors drops below 50-degrees.

This is just one of MANY missions in Texas to save the turtles during the winter storm. Thousands of volunteers have been rescuing sea turtles from the frigid waters of Texas since the storm swept through early this week.

I applaud the Texas Game Wardens and all of the volunteers who have gone out of their way to save these sea turtles. Job well done!


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