A terminally ill boy recently died in the arms of Santa Claus.

The young boy, who was five-years-old, was in the hospital when he died in the arms of Santa Claus. Knowing that he did not have long left to live, the hospital contacted Santa and asked if he could rush over to visit the young kid, it was his final wish to see Santa.

When Santa arrived at the young boy's room, he asked his parents to leave the room if they couldn't handle the visit. He did not want to get emotional in front of the young boy.

The young boy was very weak by the time Santa arrived and he reassured him that he was not going to miss Christmas.

Santa handed the little boy a gift and he was barely able to open it, but he did. Then, he asked Santa if he was going to die and what should he do when he gets there. How will he know where he is?

Santa told the young boy to tell them when he gets there that he's his, "Number one elf." The young boy responded with, "They will?"

The little boy sat up and hugged Santa. Then he asked, "Santa can you help me?" Sadly, those would be his last words.

While in the arms of Santa Claus this little boy went to sleep. His parents saw what happened and rushed into the room. That's when Santa handed the little boy to his parents and left.

Santa was seen leaving the hospital in tears. A Christmas miracle? Perhaps it was for one family because this little boy died knowing that he was going to be okay.

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