The heat dome over Louisiana has been brutal, and some high school football teams are preparing to start their season this week.

High school football jamborees begin tonight (Aug 24) at Cajun Field and it is dangerously hot on the surface where the Cajuns play and call home.

Cajun Field does not have real turf in the stadium, it is artificial turf and it heats up a lot more than real grass does.

Knowing that, Brett Bayard sent a photo to KATC Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo and the recorded temperature on the playing surface at Cajun Field is alarming.

According to the thermometer used to measure how hot the surface is at Cajun Field on Thursday, August 4th, it is 150 degrees down on the field.

That is the surface temperature, the actual air temperature in Lafayette read 107 degrees today.

We hope that precautionary measures are being taken this week as many high school football teams begin their season with scrimmages. However, we need to also remind fans to hydrate and seek shade if possible while out watching the games this week.

There is no immediate break in the extreme temperatures for south Louisiana, but let's look back to when Cajun Field was covered with ice.

How refreshing does this look?

Facebook, Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Football
Facebook, Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Football

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