A former Destrehan High School teacher has been found not guilty on charges of carnal knowledge of a juvenile. That verdict was reached in a Jefferson Parish courtroom on Wednesday.

The case of Shelley Dufresne and her alleged intimate interaction with a 16-year-old student garnered national headlines when the story first broke. While the not guilty verdict in Jefferson Parish is good news for Dufresne and her legal team. Her legal troubles are far from over.

The family of the student allegedly involved with Dufresne has filed a civil suit in connection with the allegations. The outcome of the criminal trial is expected to have very little effect on the civil suit.However, much of the evidence and testimony used in the criminal case can and will most likely be used in the civil suit filed by the family.

Dufresne is also facing charges in St. Charles Parish. Legal experts have cited an earlier plea deal in that parish as being very troublesome for the former teacher's defense team. A judge sentenced her to a deferred three-year prison term, three years probation and a $1,000 fine in that 2015 case.

That plea on obscenity charges will likely play a very large role in the eventual outcome of the St. Charles Parish proceedings. Since in those proceedings Dufresne admitted to having a sexual relationship with her former student.

Three judges in St. Charles Parish have recused themselves from court proceedings involving Dufresne. One of those judges is actually the defendant's father. The case in St. Charles Parish is expected to begin later this year.


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